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China is moving into a period when flourishing vacation housing replaces sightseeing and leisure travel. Real estate developers divert from common and high-end housing onto leisure travel and retirement real estates. According to the issued National Travel and Leisure Outline 2013, and paid leave policy to be enforced at Yangtze River Delta Region from 2017 onward, tourist industry will see the result of travel’s coordination with real estates—tourism real estate — on its agendas.
Tourism real estate refers to a real estate that is created relying on the bounty of tourist attractions around. It differs from traditional housing, and has traveling, relaxation, vacationing and retirement at its very heart. WTO (World Tourism Organization) forecasts that, China will emerge as the biggest travel destination across the globe in 2020, reporting a share of 8.6% worldwide. It is inevitable to see tourist trade cooperate with real estate developers in days to come in China. Meanwhile, in a country that is gradually aging, there are exciting opportunities for retirement real estate development, new city expansion and retirement, signaling a strong outlook for such real estate.
Against the backdrop, travel retirement real estate and high-end real estate exhibition will be held between June 27-29,2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition, covering an area of 12000 m2, is expected to welcome over 100 renowned real estate developers to exhibit their high-end travel retirement properties and high-end properties. It is committed to emerging as the most-recognized marketing and promotion center for tourism real estates in China, as it works to build high brand awareness for cooperated exhibitors.

The exhibition:
Arrangement time: June 25-26, 2018
Exhibition time: 
June 27-29, 2018 (9:00-16:30)
Moving-out time: 
June 29, 2018 16:00
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No.2345 Long Yang Road, Shanghai City)

Organizing unit: Shanghai enterprises and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Title: (recruitment, detailed information is available)
Sponsor: (recruitment, detailed information is available)
◆About exhibits:
Tourist attractions real estate programs, tourist commercial real estate programs, tourist & holiday real estate programs, tourist & residential real estate programs, high-end property programs, apartments for the elderly, elderly residential community program, intelligent retirement plans, rehabilitation & nursing supplies, retirement service industry, clothing for the aged, health care & well-being, tourist real estate property personnel training & education
Real estate stores: clusters for modern service industry, commercial plazas, foreign malls in China, creative industry parks, shopping malls, business streets, niche shops, large commercial real estates, community-based commercial real estates, commercial buildings at housing estates, malls, business buildings, small and medium-sized apartments, separated shops, office buildings, pedestrian streets, trade cities, industrial zones, property-based plants, property-based hotels, commercial real-estates, planners for networks of trading establishments, real estate agencies;
Supporting services: law offices, language training institutes, college preparatory schools, overall colleges, investment banks, investment & financial advisors and international capital advisors
◆Exhibition fee:
A. Standard booth: 3×4=12m2 RMB 2800/m2;
(Booth facilities: a lintel written in Chinese and English, an information counter, two chairs, a round table for negotiation, 4 chairs, carpet, a 220Voutlet, 2 spotlights).
B. Specific booth: RMB 2500m2. (Vacant space indoors to be rented covers an area of over 36m2, without any facility. An exhibitor may arrange decoration by himself or commission recommendation for booth decorators);  
Proceedings and other advertising: Proceedings shall be delivered to competent departments, related associations and exhibitors present, and sent to related individuals and organizations absent at home and abroad during the exhibition.
◆Advertising expense:

Cover: RMB 30000
Back cover: RMB 16000
Cover Two: RMB 12000
Cover Three: RMB 10000
Flyleaf: RMB 12000
Colored flyleaf: RMB 5000
Black-and-white flyleaf: RMB 3000
Balloon: RMB 5000/个
Arch: RMB 8000/phase
Entrance ticket: RMB 30000/100,000 tickets
Handbag: RMB 30000/10,000 handbags
Advertising board: RMB 30000 (6m×4m)

◆Sponsoring plan:
The organizer invites competitive enterprises as sponsors for the exhibition: Three types of sponsoring named Diamond, Gold and Silver mean hierarchy of special treatments at the exhibition (demand detailed sponsoring plan and treatment);
◆Exhibiting details:
1. An exhibitor shall fill in its exhibition application form, then mail or fax it to the organizer;
2. A booth is provided for an exhibitor who applies for the booth and pays the booth fee. Additional 20% of the total fee is necessary for a two-wing booth;
3. An exhibitor shall wire or directly pay the exhibition fee to the organizer in 4 days after it applies for a booth, then the booth booked shall be reserved. After the exhibition fee is telegraphed, an exhibitor shall fax his money order to the organizer for an invoice issued by the organizer;
4. The organizer will dispatch Exhibition Guide to exhibitors before June 20, 2016, after it gets application fee and booth fee from exhibitors;
Organizer: Shanghai Qishun Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 512, Building 1, Fox Business Building, 89 East Huguang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Zip code: 201108 
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